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Technical Support FAQ [ frequently asked questions ]

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Support Resources [ Manuals, Software, Documentation ]

Manuals, Software, Datasheets, and other documentation for Apantac products are included at the bottom of each of our product's web pages.

You can locate your product by browsing through our products ( www.apantac.com/products ), or you can search our website to locate the product web page ( www.apantac.com/search ).

You can also locate these resources through our Resources Search page ( www.apantac.com/resources ).

Spare Parts [ U.S. customers only ]

Power supplies, cables, adapters, parts, etc...

Apantac offers minor parts and accessories through a SquareUp storefront. Purchases are limited to our U.S. customers (excluding CA due to tax issues). Other customers may use this resource to identify part numbers and prices for the purpose of submitting purchase orders through our regular channels.

Apantac's SquareUp Storefront: ( Apantac LLC SquareUp Site ).

Technical Support Remote Assistance

Apantac Multiviewers are configured using software. We strive to make our software intuitive to use, but occasionally even the best can sometimes need some guidance. In these cases we can assist by using remote access to your computer to demonstrate how to perform the work and provide instruction.

Some Apantac products can have firmware updated in the field (primarily our Multiviewer products). If we've sent you a firmware update package it will include instructions. If you require additional guidance we can assist by using remote access to your computer to perform the installation with you.

For Remote Assistance follow this link.

Request Warranty Service or Returns

Before returning your device;
Please contact Apantac Technical Support. Many issues can be resolved without the need to return the product.

The Apantac Warranty provides for repairing the product item. It does not include automatic replacement of the product. Replacing the item with a different unit is at the discretion of Apantac Technical Support. Replacement units will be of equal or greater value and may be factory refurbished units. Advanced Replacement (sending a replacement prior to Apantac receiving the faulty unit) is granted only under certain circumstances, is at our discretion, and requires a security deposit.

Loaner Equipment;
Loaner units for use during the repair of your unit are limited to major products, depend upon availability, must be secured, and are subject to approval by Apantac.

Returning a product for refund must be requested within 45 days.

Requesting Service or Return;
If you've contacted Apantac Technical Support and they advise returning the unit, please complete our online RMA Request form ( RMA Request Form ).

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